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Fixed matches are a popular form of gambling, where bettors place wagers on the outcome of future matches. But what if these matches are being manipulated?

There have been a number of reports in recent years suggesting that fixed matches are being perpetrated by organized crime groups in order to generate profit.

Most of the evidence comes from a report commissioned by the EU in 2017, which examined “match-fixing and betting fraud” in football across 50 European countries.

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According to the study, match-fixing was “widespread across Europe’s footballing landscape.” In fact, the report says that as many as 90% of football matches in Europe involve some kind of illegal betting. [1] It is believed that organized criminal gangs are involved in some of these cases. There are two main ways these groups operate: money filtering and spot fixing.

Money filtering involves gamblers who bet on matches but never see the outcome. Instead, they take a cut of the profits made by those running the fix. Spot fixing is the more commonly known type of match-fixing.

This is when players deliberately allow the game to end in a predictable way so that the bettors can earn more money.

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01.06.2024 Brusque vs Novorizontino X 3.20 0:0 WIN
02.06.2024 Metz vs St Etienne 1 2.50 2:1 WIN
03.06.2024 St. Patricks vs Dundalk GG3+ 2.00 2:3 WIN
04.06.2024 Banfield vs Newells Old Boys 1 3.10 2:0 WIN
05.06.2024 Cuiaba vs Vitoria X 3.30 0:0 WIN
06.06.2024 Fjolnir vs Njardvik 1 2.00 4:2 WIN
07.06.2024 Uganda vs Botswana 1 2.00 1:0 WIN
08.06.2024 SalPa vs KTP GG3+ 2.30 2:2  WIN
09.06.2024 Namibia vs Tunisia X 3.10 0:0 WIN
10.06.2024 Burkina Faso vs Sierra Leone GG3+ 2.30 2:2 WIN
11.06.2024 Gabon vs Gambia GG3+ 2.20 3:2 WIN
12.06.2024 Sportivo Estudiantes vs Deportivo Camioneros 2 2.50 0:1 WIN
13.06.2024 Gimnasia L.P. vs Barracas Central 1 2.05 2:1 WIN
14.06.2024 Magra vs USM Alger 2 2.05 2:3 WIN
15.06.2024 Italy vs Albania GG3+ 2.30 1:2  WIN
16.06.2024 Poland vs Netherlands GG3+ 2.20 1:2 WIN
17.06.2024 Romania vs Ukraine 2.5 OVER 2.10 3:0 WIN
18.06.2024 Turkey vs Georgia GG3+ 2.20 3:1 WIN

mined results.

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